Only 17% of consumers are satisfied using phone self-service systems to make a purchase and only 22% are satisfied when calling to get service. Such low satisfaction rates present a big opportunity to improve the customer experience, call center efficiency, and overall sales rates.


Great post from our friends at Invoca. We’re excited for Klink to compliment them in the space by bringing unique insights and data to the calls you have on your mobile and desk phones.


By owning engagement on both desktop and mobile, startups capture more attention and become more defensible. It takes more effort to switch someone from Sunrise when they’re using both the mobile app and desktop app. This is especially important for those creating more ‘commoditized’ apps that can be easily replaced.

Awesome quote from producthunt founder rrhoover in “The Return of the Desktop Productivity App” via TechCrunch

We are focused on building exciting, productive, multi-screen experiences with our new sales app, Klink. Early customers love the desktop and tablet notifications that accompany all of their phones calls. We initially thought we would just focus on the mobile apps, but lots of love for the multi-screen experience has us delivering across all of them simultaneously.


Outside calls or cold calls will come with a “conversation request,” where the caller pitches the receiver on why he or she should answer and invest their time.

Why Voice is the Next Big Wave” via GigaOM 

Great article that talks about how and why voice is here to stay – and will become a primary way of interacting with technology in the next phase of wearable computing.