Short but useful summary of the state of VC and how it impacts early-stage companies.

What The Evolving VC Market Means For Startups Raising Capital


Good summary of why you should keep your summaries summarized.

Pitch Decks and Executive Summaries – Why Less is Always More


Just remember this: VCs need you as much as you need them. Level the playing field by becoming a man/woman of value. Find your swagger. Be memorable. Be insatiable. Let the world know why you are the best entrepreneur out there.

How To Approach VC’s Like a Pickup Artist” via AlleyWatch

Even though I read the Pickup Artist book after I was married, it was still equal amounts hysterical and repulsive, with some very useful tips sprinkled throughout for how to talk to other people (not just women). 


I would think it would be a big fucking nightmare to have a VC on my board who simply doesn’t get what I do and yet my perception is this happens often. I know many VCs who don’t have operating experience and frankly some of them are fantastic. Simply put – I’d be in search of a VC who had an intuitive sense of my product, my customers, my organizational issues, my competitors, etc.

What I Would Look for When Choosing a VC – Knowing What I Know Now?” via Mark Suster’s blog.

I’m at my first true startup and am voraciously reading everything I can about VC’s and how to think about funding. I think Mark did a great job in this article summarizing some of the key points I’ve read and discussed about the space in the last year.