I would think it would be a big fucking nightmare to have a VC on my board who simply doesn’t get what I do and yet my perception is this happens often. I know many VCs who don’t have operating experience and frankly some of them are fantastic. Simply put – I’d be in search of a VC who had an intuitive sense of my product, my customers, my organizational issues, my competitors, etc.

What I Would Look for When Choosing a VC – Knowing What I Know Now?” via Mark Suster’s blog.

I’m at my first true startup and am voraciously reading everything I can about VC’s and how to think about funding. I think Mark did a great job in this article summarizing some of the key points I’ve read and discussed about the space in the last year. 


Absolutely keep an eye on these guys; they’re raising $28mil and are attempting to improve a very needed part of the home improvement experience for individual consumers & contractors.

Porch lands big Lowe’s partnership, laying foundation for growth – GeekWire


2014 will be remembered as the best time in a generation to have bought a venture-backed company in Latin America as an efficient way to gain entry to the quickly growing Latin America market (known as the “Acqui-entry”). The opportunity in Latin America is extraordinary and valuations generally remain very low compared to similarly situated U.S. based startups.

Juan Pablo Cappello via TheNextWeb, “Why 2014 will be the year of the “Acqui-entry” in Latin America



Social Q&A is a crowded space based on the number of apps and sites out there, but I’ve personally not had a ton of success with using them and end up just Googling my question and looking through results. I’m curious to see how much traction this gets and will be playing with it for a bit to see. Expect me to ask you some questions. Please help. 🙂

Twitter Cofounder Biz Stone Launches Q&A App Jelly


I originally found out about RapGenius when I used it to try and decipher some of the posts my 22-year-old brother puts on Facebook and Instagram (I swear it’s 85% lyrics from songs I’ve never heard of).

Business Insider links to Danny Sullivan’s commentary on SearchEngineLand, where he hits on the real issue for RapGenius – lack of a sustainable business model via licensed content. 

“Finally, it’s probably an incredibly dumb business model to be doing a lyrics site that hopes for Google traffic in a time when Google, like Bing, is moving toward providing direct answers. Lyrics, to my understanding, often have to be licensed. That makes them a candidate for Google to license directly and provide as direct answers.”

Google Obliterates Buzzy Startup Rap Genius For Trying To Game The System