Differentiate your startup because the odds are already stacked against you. Don’t spread yourself thin by building too many products or too many features. Stay focused and be exceptional.

“Why entrepreneurs should focus on building just one product” via TheNextWeb

Excellent advice that can’t be overstated (IMO). We’ve worked hard at Contactive to build a powerful platform; the temptation is to build almost every cool scenario possible on top of it. The important thing is to stay focused and build a few things super well.


There are people who think New York is an irrelevant market,” Mr. Sanwal said. “The more intellectually honest answer is that New York is just relatively immature. It’s on a good path and it needs to run its course a bit more.

“Despite Big Ambitions, New York’s Tech Scene Is Still Starting Up” via NYTimes

I’m still a relatively newbie to the NYC tech scene but I’ve already started to appreciate the density and diversity of the companies here. I agree the city is still immature compared to Silicon Valley. However, being a tech business here in NYC gives you amazing access to hundreds of incredible companies who are *not* tech shops, which is a big win for enterprise-focused startups (IMO).


Short but useful summary of the state of VC and how it impacts early-stage companies.

What The Evolving VC Market Means For Startups Raising Capital


Good summary of why you should keep your summaries summarized.

Pitch Decks and Executive Summaries – Why Less is Always More


“We believe users are hungry for technology solutions that can make their daily routines more fluid,” explains our CEO, Iñaki Berenguer. “Contactive is putting muscle behind complex big data problems to deliver identity information that helps people be more productive. We think that CallerID is just the beginning.” 

Happy one year anniversary!

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It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. It felt to me like a typewriter company running an ad talking about how computers were just a fad and might lose your information on a floppy disk.

How You Know You’ve Got the Right Startup Model?” via Mark Suster at Both Sides of the Table

Good read by Mark that hits on the struggles that disruptors face when up against large, entrenched encumbants.

Sometimes the battles are funny (the Public Storage commercial) and sometimes they’re scary (what Seattle did to Uber and other ride sharing companies), but regardless they help prove that you’re scaring the crap out of folks who are currently making the $$ in that industry.