My $50,000 Twitter Username Was Stolen Thanks to PayPal and GoDaddy.

How I Lost My $50,000 Twitter Username” via Naoki Hiroshima on Medium

I try to be as security-conscious as possible when it comes to my identity, information security, and passwords. Reading about this type of scenario playing out in real life scares the hell out of me. Unfortunate as it was for Naoki to go through this, there are some good lessons to learn in his story and hopefully they can help others from getting hit by similar attacks.


A very interesting enterprise startup, using behavioral patterns to improve security and being started by former Israeli cybersecurity experts.  

Cybersecurity Startup Aorato Exits Stealth With A ‘Behavior Firewall’, $10M In Funding | TechCrunch


My current setup is to use two-factor auth whenever possible (Microsoft ID, Google, etc.), plus LastPass with two-factor auth and changing the main password monthly. LastPass also has a helpful dupe detection feature that tells you when you’re using the same password for two or more sites. What’s your strategy?

The Evolution of the Password And Why It’s Still Far From Safe