Goldman likes to call RelSci “the Death Star of business development.” … The model is apparently so enticing that Goldman won hundreds of clients and, the company says, nearly eight figures’ worth of business in 2013, which was RelSci’s first year since coming out of stealth mode.

Relationship Science: Harnessing Big Data for Power Networking” via Inc Magazine.

I read about this fascinating company on the train this morning. RelSci is a hyper-exclusive social network that is trying to build a digital networking of relationships between the top 1% of people (power-wise) in the world. 

Check out what their engineers have been doing for the last few years:

“This not only requires constantly scraping the Web for updates but also building rich profiles from tens of thousands of databases, ranging from SEC filings to paparazzi photos to tax records. These pieces have in turn been joined to link everyone through past and present employers, board memberships, investments, donations, politics, and even siblings, children, and spouses.”

Incredible stuff.