Inaki Berenguer, John-David Brown and I will be at the NYESM Mobile Sales Summit on Tuesday evening to talk mobile sales and how products like Klink are changing the way goods & services get sold. There are still tickets available, come down!

Mobile Sales Summit

Tuesday, Jan 20, 2015, 6:30 PM

110 Fifth Avenue, 5th Floor New York, NY

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How is mobile technology changing the way we sell and engage our customers?  What are some innovative tools available today that are helping sales work faster, smarter, and better?  What trends should we expect as technology continues to disrupt the old methods we used in enterprise sales?  Learn the answers to all those questions and more at our u…

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Brilliant. Facepalm.

This NYC Startup Will Be Your Personal Digital Doorman


AT&T and ChallengePost are announcing the Connected Intersections Challenge, a three-month-long competition aimed at designers and software and hardware engineers. Entrants to the challenge are tasked with “[re-imagining] software and hardware technology to keep pedestrians in NYC safe and alert while remaining connected on their smartphones.”

“AT&T Is Offering $50K To Engineers To Make New York City Safer For Pedestrians” via TechCrunch

One experience I would love to see is route mapping based on the quality and accessibility of the bike lanes. When Google Maps puts together a Bike route between two points in NYC, half the time I follow it most of the bike lanes are closed and/or inaccessible due to construction.


There are people who think New York is an irrelevant market,” Mr. Sanwal said. “The more intellectually honest answer is that New York is just relatively immature. It’s on a good path and it needs to run its course a bit more.

“Despite Big Ambitions, New York’s Tech Scene Is Still Starting Up” via NYTimes

I’m still a relatively newbie to the NYC tech scene but I’ve already started to appreciate the density and diversity of the companies here. I agree the city is still immature compared to Silicon Valley. However, being a tech business here in NYC gives you amazing access to hundreds of incredible companies who are *not* tech shops, which is a big win for enterprise-focused startups (IMO).


“We believe users are hungry for technology solutions that can make their daily routines more fluid,” explains our CEO, Iñaki Berenguer. “Contactive is putting muscle behind complex big data problems to deliver identity information that helps people be more productive. We think that CallerID is just the beginning.” 

Happy one year anniversary!

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The city is already on pace for the best first quarter in its history – with 98 companies raising nearly $1.3 billion to date and its second best quarter by capital committed since 2009, according to our data. In the last quarter of 2013 New York’s new companies raised over $1.6 billion.