In 2013 that sales of fake Twitter followers have the potential to bring in $40 million to $360 million to date and that fake Facebook activities bring in $200 million a year.

Liar Liar: Faking Social Media Followers Is a Booming Biz, But Watch Out” via AlleyWatch

As a growing startup company looking to energize and grow our social media engagement, we are constantly bombarded with spam from companies trying to sell us ways to buy followers. We always shy away from it because we want our engagement to be viral and hopefully authentic. It’s great to see networks clamping down on fake followers and the emergence of tools that help make it simple to see how “real” someone’s followers are.


A good summary of how well LinkedIn is doing, but the article also includes some good tips on “key times to post” on the various networks. We’re working hard on our social media presence for Contactive and are always testing to find the best time to post, blog, tweet, and share.

LinkedIn May Not Be The Coolest Social Network, But It’s Only Becoming More Valuable To Businesses

What’s the most random task you had to do in your last job?

Found this great article today that is perfectly timed given how we’re interviewing right now (and kind-of always are):

Conduct the Perfect Job Interview in Twelve Simple Steps” via Jeff Haden on LinkedIn.

Contactive is always looking for great people. I find that the way I interview here in our 10-person startup is not too dissimilar from the way I interviewed at Microsoft. I continue to focus on assessing a candidate’s personality, their passion, and their skills (in roughly that order), using mostly experiential questions like “Talk to me about a time on in your old position where you had to talk someone down from a bad decision.”

Given the odd jobs that you sometimes have to do in a smaller company like ours, I’ve added a new one which is “Tell me about the most random task you had to do in your previous job that wasn’t in your actual job description.” I like to see how weird their “odd job” was to get a sense for their tolerances for doing random stuff. It may not be a perfect question, but I’ve heard some pretty interesting responses because of it.


You have to have innovative ad units … and we’re probably the most innovative in the marketplace.

10X growth in 18 months: StartApp hits 1.5B downloads, 70K installs, and 200M daily impressions” via VentureBeat

Eighteen months after it reached the 150 million download plateau, mobile ad platform StartApp announced today that it has now hit over 1.5 billion downloads. And while the official release says the company’s ad software is now embedded in 60,000 apps, CEO Gil Dudkiewicz told me the number is actually higher.

Impressive growth and great platform; their ad quality and display flexibility is going make them a strong player on iOS.


Good summary of 2013 phone shipments from Statista.

Infographic: Apple Is Lagging Behind in Terms of Smartphone Growth