However, it’s a sign of just how powerful a combination Google’s software and Nest’s hardware represents when even casual observers can imagine such scenarios that, in reality, would not be that difficult to execute on Google’s part.

Why Google Bought Nest and What It Could Mean for Your Home” via Mashable

I love the tweet from @marksuman about Waze + Nest being able to turn up the heat in your house as it notices you getting closer to home.


When your own employees don’t use or support your product, the problem is with the product, not the employees.

Robert Scoble talking about Google Glass on Daring Fireball.

I’m trying really hard to avoid using my phone when I’m out in public, talking to friends, etc. Call it a semi resolution for 2014. I feel like my personal goal is fundamentally at odds with Glass-style wearable computing (meaning stuff that focuses on augmenting visual reality).


Having recently switched fully to Android and the Google stack (G-Apps, Gmail, etc.), I’m impressed by helpfulness of some of the recommendations and suggestions coming out of Google Now. Judging by the amount of “prep” work I do for my day (which is, admittedly, a function of how much I enjoy organizing things), I think the PDA space is going to revolutionize individual productivity.

Google Wants To Build The Ultimate Personal Assistant | TechCrunch