“If Google Now became more integrated into Android, the OS might function more like one of those contextual homescreen/launchers, like Aviate (acquired by Yahoo) or Cover, which place relevant apps on Android’s lockscreen.

The difference is that Google Now would not be just a layer on top of the OS, but a deeper part of the OS that’s capable of gathering data from the apps that run upon it and using that data to provide users with relevant, timely information and intelligent suggestions.”

“A Sneak Peak into the future of Android” via TechCrunch

Interesting news about the direction of the Android platform. The deep integration of Google Now is both exciting and scary.


2020 could see the end of online versus offline. “The membrane between the online world and the offline will effectively disappear, as continuously connected devices fully disappear into our pockets, clothing, our jewelry, our selves,”

Glen Hiemstra, of Futurist.com, in “8 Unexpected Ways Technology Will Change The World By 2020

“We will not think of two different worlds … but instead see simply a fully integrated life.”

I sometimes feel like I have a duality problem. I love being hyper-connected, I love the “quantified self”, and I love sharing. At the same time my wife and I try to remember to “put down the phones and just talk”, often by leaving them in another room when we’re reading, eating dinner, etc. Convergence of offline and online will bring about amazing things (IMHO), but the downside is that you will have to actually actively do work (unplug, silence notifications, etc.) to just relax and read a book.