Only 17% of consumers are satisfied using phone self-service systems to make a purchase and only 22% are satisfied when calling to get service. Such low satisfaction rates present a big opportunity to improve the customer experience, call center efficiency, and overall sales rates.


Great post from our friends at Invoca. We’re excited for Klink to compliment them in the space by bringing unique insights and data to the calls you have on your mobile and desk phones.


One of the scariest stats I learned working in Microsoft Office early on was how little of the actual features in apps like Word or Outlook that people actually used – it’s less than 10% for the average (non-power) user! Features like the Office Ribbon have helped tremendously with that. I’m curious to give Wizeline a shot and see if it helps us here at Klink. 

Wizeline, with a fresh $6.7M, wants to create a ‘corporate brain’ to boost product dev


In the US alone there are 30 billion inbound sales calls every year. Just. Sales. Calls. Inbound. That number is projected to GROW to 70 billion by 2016.

Why Most of Your Assumptions About Phone Calls are Wrong” – BIA Kelsey via Mark Suster at Both Sides of the Table

As an individual, I rarely use my phone for actual calls and try to actively push people not to call me. I check my personal voicemail once a week and rely on my outgoing message, “Text or email me if it’s urgent”, to help get folks to my favorite channels. 

That’s me personally. This article is a really stark reminder of the fact that although lots of individuals feel the same way, for businesses it is absolutely crucial to be readily reachable (and to have a great presence) on the phone.

Another favorite quote from the article:

“Simply, customers trust businesses that are available by phone. Even if they don’t want to always call you.”