These ‘invisible apps’ are less about the way they look or how many features they cram in and more about maximizing their usefulness to you without monopolizing your attention.

“Foursquare’s Swarm And The Rise Of The Invisible App” via TechCrunch

Great article that talks about how apps have progressed from trying to be destinations, then to launchers, and now to “invisible” experiences that help you contextually and stay out of the way. This is especially true for mobile information workers and how they can best experience productivity apps.


“Next, take a look at the app’s zero state again. If the app has to do some processing before it starts surfacing content, then ensure that your zero states can keep the user interested with feature introductions, tips or dummy content.”

We think about this a lot with Contactive since we need to “supercharge” your address book, and that can take a bit of time. 

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