The SMB market is becoming increasingly fragmented, with businesses realizing the power of the cloud and breaking out of using siloed, one-size-fits-all solutions that are mostly tied to desktop-based software. In doing so, businesses are increasingly mixing and matching a bunch of different vendor platforms to find the right combination of tools.

“ZenPayroll Partners With A Dozen Other SMB Back-Office Tools” via TechCrunch

Another great company opening up their API’s and making the experience for SMB’s more seamless.

Contactive API is live!

Geek friends, I need your help! Our new API is trending on HackerNews and it would be awesome if you could up-vote it. Thanks!


More info: The ‪#‎Contactive‬ ‪#‎API is super useful for developers that want to turn ‪#‎telephone‬ numbers into full ‪#‎profiles‬ (names, facebook ID, twitter ID, Linkedin ID, photo, etc).