About Me

I’m the VP of Product at Fuze in NYC, a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader in the cloud-based unified communications space.

I joined Fuze (formerly ThinkingPhones) via the acquisition of our startup Contactive in NYC, where I was employee #7 and the VP of Product for two years.

Prior to Contactive and Fuze I spent 10 years at Microsoft in Seattle, WA, working in Product Management building social collaboration experiences in Lync, Office365, Outlook, Exchange, and Yammer that were used by over 500 million customers.

I enjoy rolling up my sleeves to help advise and mentor startups in product design and strategy and have over a decade of experience building & growing high-performing product teams. I share my thoughts on product management, leadership, and productivity in my column on Inc.com, and teach a part-time course at General Assembly on Product Management and Entrepreneurship.  I hold two U.S. patents and have 13 pending for innovation in the enterprise productivity space.

In past lives I was a DJ (who looked like Vanilla Ice) and a personal trainer, and today I still wake at up 4:22am every day while being an avid Crossfit’er (and aspiring caveman). I live in Brooklyn across the street from my family’s butcher shop and remain in constant conflict about whether to adopt another cat.

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