Thanks Fuze! Onwards to new adventures…

After almost 7 combined years of amazing experiences at Contactive + ThinkingPhones + Fuze, I am closing this chapter and starting a new adventure in NYC next week.

I will always think cherish my time at Fuze. It’s often hard to tell where the professional and personal parts of my days at Fuze separated; work is not quite “work” when you’ve been fortunate to enjoy it as much as I have.

I am immensely confident in the strength of the Product team that Steve Dietz, Jed Brown, Elias Sardonis, Mark Haase, Alex DiNunzio and I built. We created a set of roadmaps and technology vision for our products that extend many years into the future, and created an amazing internal team culture built on Fuze values and our career development program.

I am forever in debt to Julio Viera and Inaki Berenguer for asking me to join Contactive in those early days, and then to Derek Yoo and Steven Kokinos for bringing us into ThinkingPhones. Thank you to Colin Doherty for his excellent leadership and friendship over the last two years, and to the rest of the Fuze engineering, marketing, sales, support, & IT teams for working arm in arm together with me as we grew the business.

Good luck friends! #fuzelife

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