The Friday List on #neato

A few interesting articles I’ve bumped into this week, mostly curated from my Pocket and now shared for your enjoyment. This week saw some Apple Watch UX predictions, an interesting AMA on Windows Metro, and a discussion on whether you should be penalized for showing up late to Crossfit. Have a great Friday!


Here’s Why You’ll Hate the Apple Watch (and the Important Business Lesson You Need to Know)

Nir Eyal makes a great point about something super simple: being able to easily tell the time with the Apple Watch. I’m excited to get mine (June pre-order!) and will see if this is as big a problem as he say.

Ex-Microsoft Designer Explains the Move Away from Metro

I’ve always been a fan of Paul’s site since my early days at Microsoft. I worked on various products that were either impacted by, or a part of, the Metro effort and this article makes me feel equal parts annoyed and relieved.

Why Big Data Matters To Every Business

I really like Bernard Marr’s commentary on the state of the tech industry. This isn’t a technically deep article but covers the landscape of big data and it’s relationship to business strategy and the internet of things.

Burpee Penalty in the Gym: Smart Tool or Stupidity?

My gym, Crossfit South Brooklyn, doesn’t have a penalty if you show up late to class. I think if you show up later than 5 minutes you can’t join (since you miss the warmup and lessons). I have visited gyms in other places that have burpee penalties. What do you think?

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