By owning engagement on both desktop and mobile, startups capture more attention and become more defensible. It takes more effort to switch someone from Sunrise when they’re using both the mobile app and desktop app. This is especially important for those creating more ‘commoditized’ apps that can be easily replaced.

Awesome quote from producthunt founder rrhoover in “The Return of the Desktop Productivity App” via TechCrunch

We are focused on building exciting, productive, multi-screen experiences with our new sales app, Klink. Early customers love the desktop and tablet notifications that accompany all of their phones calls. We initially thought we would just focus on the mobile apps, but lots of love for the multi-screen experience has us delivering across all of them simultaneously.


“One of the themes we’ve invested heavily behind is this intersection between big data and traditional enterprise application software,” says Ajay Agarwal of Bain Capital Ventures. Indeed, Bain’s newest partner, Enrique Salem, the former chief executive of Symantec, sees business technologies on the cusp of a still-greater transformation.

Enterprise Investments Surge To Over $5.4 Billion | TechCrunch

Contactive API is live!

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More info: The ‪#‎Contactive‬ ‪#‎API is super useful for developers that want to turn ‪#‎telephone‬ numbers into full ‪#‎profiles‬ (names, facebook ID, twitter ID, Linkedin ID, photo, etc).


Another challenge with lean dogma is that all that testing and prototyping can feel aimless, even to key members of the team. At Iodine, we spent a lot of time brainstorming and prototyping various features to test, which left some staff members unclear what we were working toward.

“When to Break the Lean Startup Rules” via Inc.com

Thomas makes several great points about adopting the lean startup methodology. As the team at Contactive has grown we always try to make clear to everyone why we’re doing certain in-app experiments or customer-driven development exercises. Sharing with the whole team the reasoning behind the individual experiments and their desired impact has helped significantly with the team’s cohesion around our core mission.