My $50,000 Twitter Username Was Stolen Thanks to PayPal and GoDaddy.

How I Lost My $50,000 Twitter Username” via Naoki Hiroshima on Medium

I try to be as security-conscious as possible when it comes to my identity, information security, and passwords. Reading about this type of scenario playing out in real life scares the hell out of me. Unfortunate as it was for Naoki to go through this, there are some good lessons to learn in his story and hopefully they can help others from getting hit by similar attacks.


I love SoundCloud almost as much as I love bacon. And I love bacon. They just pushed some cool updates to their embeddable player after a big funding round supports their bacon-like awesomeness even more.

SoundCloud Launches New ‘Visual’ Player Allowing Artwork Alongside The Music | TechCrunch


To put it bluntly: Their work in building audiences from nothing might be unparalleled in media today.

The 2 Teenagers Who Run the Wildly Popular Twitter Feed @HistoryInPics” via The Atlantic

I came across this story over the weekend and was fascinated by the backstory of a feed that I love to read. It’s incredible the scale that these guys were able to build using nothing but content curation on Twitter. They appear to be playing it fast and loose with their use of images, but their ability to drive genuine engagement and go viral is impressive.


I would think it would be a big fucking nightmare to have a VC on my board who simply doesn’t get what I do and yet my perception is this happens often. I know many VCs who don’t have operating experience and frankly some of them are fantastic. Simply put – I’d be in search of a VC who had an intuitive sense of my product, my customers, my organizational issues, my competitors, etc.

What I Would Look for When Choosing a VC – Knowing What I Know Now?” via Mark Suster’s blog.

I’m at my first true startup and am voraciously reading everything I can about VC’s and how to think about funding. I think Mark did a great job in this article summarizing some of the key points I’ve read and discussed about the space in the last year.