If this seems like an odd arena for T-Mobile to step into when it clearly has important things on the wireless side to tend to, you’re not alone. From the standpoint of building brand recognition with folks who are cost-sensitive, this certainly makes sense, and we’re sure a good number of people will actually take advantage of this. But how much does this distract away from T-Mobile’s objectives as a carrier? Only time can tell how this one will play out.

The Uncarrier wants to be the Unbank of prepaid debit cards” via TechCrunch

As a small startup we are constantly wrestling with “wow, that new direction looks like shiny, let’s go after it.” Yet focus and clarity is important for our products and ultimately for our customers. 

I’m curious how T-Mobile will fare as they start to act like a bank, taking on the likes of Simple and potentially distracting from their goals as a telco.

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