As the App Store Top Charts seem to prove, people don’t seem to be looking for “an inbox for everything,” but instead for sharply focused apps delivering solid value at a moment’s notice.

Facebook plans suite of standalone mobile apps for 2014” via The Verge

“Calendar could be another opportunity for Facebook to embed itself into its users’ lives. Facebook Events are perhaps the most popular way to send out birthday party invites — yet Facebook has largely ignored its potential. All the while, free apps like Sunrise tastefully bundle Facebook events into your Google or iCloud calendar. A Facebook Calendar app, like the new Messenger, would have to be the best calendar app — not the best Facebook Calendar app — which means no spammy “Sponsored Events” or suggested parties. The app could plug into Google Calendar, like Fantastical or Sunrise, but provide the best Facebook Events experience, since that’s what people are using to track of events they’re attending. It’s also worth noting that Facebook is still the place most people check to keep up on birthdays — a sorely undervalued and essential functionality that Sunrise duly steals.”

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