I have no idea how long this could take to happen, but if it was anytime soon (read = 5 years) I feel like there is no way our current bandwidth could handle the demand. I still can’t watch a Netflix movie on a snowy Friday night without it dipping out of HD every 10minutes and I have 100mb/s FiOS. Regardless, it’s cool to see the FCC encouraging telco’s to explore innovation at this scale.

US phone companies to explore replacing all phone numbers with IP addresses


“All the same, it’s the early customer wins that have helped with securing this new investment.”

Especially with enterprise-focused products, securing early wins is crucial to proving unique value to investors and being able to demonstrate ROI to new customers.

Still In Stealth, Origami Logic Raises $15M More To Help Marketers Tap The Big Data Mother Lode | TechCrunch


The company tells us that the way things are organized within each section is based on its algorithm and curation team — in a sense its process is similar to, which launched earlier this week. Paper is relying on computational programming and human-based expertise in order to know how good of a story is on Facebook, whether it’s receiving any shares or comments or if it’s visually appealing.

Facebook announces Paper, a visual and social news app that launches in the US on February 3” via TheNextWeb

I will add this to the already too-numerous-apps I have for reading news, and I’ll be interested to see how it compares in both content and style to Flipboard (my primary iOS newsreader).


Good summary of 2013 phone shipments from Statista.

Infographic: Apple Is Lagging Behind in Terms of Smartphone Growth